Monday, 21 January 2008

Another "controversial" post

Good evening.

Merry christmas and a happy new year. I hope you all have pleasant memories of why we refrain from getting together with family except for this one time of year under the stupid pretence of an outdated concept that none of us really follow anymore apart from the fact it's so ingrained upon our social conscience that we seem to be unable to think for ourselves about it.

Christmas annoys me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a scrooge, quite the contrary, I enjoy buying presents and spoiling the people close to me. I just don't understand why everybody uses this as the one pitiful a year that they use just to get together with their families so that they can relinquish the guilt for another 364 days of complete ignorance and denial of their family unit.

I once had an "discussion" with some bloke in a pub. (I say discussion, but it swiftly became an arguement and ended with me telling him to fuck off and stop being a narrow minded fuckhead. Which is as close to a discussion as I get, I suppose). This discussion involved me disliking the principles of christmas and himself, like the self-righteous muppet he appeared to be, loving the fact that he had an excuse to go see his family and have fun, festive frollicks.

The one word I take issue with in that is "excuse". Why do you need an excuse to go visit the people who love and care for you? I don't. I'll admit it, I don't see some of my family half as much as I'd like to, but that's just down to distance rather than my own free will. He claimed he "couldn't afford the time off" and other such excuses.

Bullshit. The only reason you can't afford the time off is because you use all your holiday time to go off and get fucked out of your brains in some random "exotic" location and perform what is the holidaymakers equivilent of date-rape by getting some (probably underaged, at least over here, but you're in a different country, so I guess the morals you've been raised upon don't count, right?) girl totally incapacitatedly drunk and take her back to do with her what you will, only to leave her in the morning what the fuck she's done with herself, which will followed about 6 months later with a forced meeting between her crotch and the sharp end of a coathanger.

Seriously, take a weekend off. Go stay with your family. I'm sure they'd love it. Hell, I know my family do. I get spoiled to hell and back when that happens, I'm not even allowed to lift a finger they're so glad to see me. And it doesn't even require some false christian holiday that you don't actually believe in, but you'll go along with it for the sake of a few days off, right?

You all decry other religious holidays, claiming that this country is christian and that it should be "Merry christmas" and not "Happy holidays". Why not? It is, after all, a season of several holidays, not just the one that our forefather chose to believe in and therefore we have to believe in it, because our country was built on it! Except one of the greatest things about this country is it's multiculturalism. Yes, alright, we still have our degrees of segregation, but it's nowhere near to the extent that it used to be. Unless it's other countries we're trying to help, in which case it's "Adapt to our lifestyles or we'll level your houses, k? thx!" whilst we try to sweep aside the fact that the totalitarian leader of that country that we just arrested and executed was put into power by the western world.

Sidetracked much?

Anyway, the point is this. We're not a christian country anymore. We may claim to be, but when was the last time you went to church? That's not a question to the christians out there, I know you're always at church, forgiving the sins of us all and suchlike, but to the people who complain about the beliefs of others. They tolerate the fact we force what people used to believe in upon them, yet we piss and moan that they are taking our identities.

Fuck that for a laugh.

Anyway, yeah, basically, christmas is a sham unless you are genuinely christian. For the majority of you out there, you're celebrating a sham holiday. Well done. You must be very proud

Stop being puppets to the corporations. Each year we're forced into spendiong more and more on gifts that we wouldn't even consider at any other time of year. Do you like being forced to do things? Yet you still buy into it?

Strange that, isn't it? Yet we still do it, every year, without fail, we get together and then are glad that it doesn't need to be done for over another year. Apparently we don't like our families any more, because they're embarassing. I can assure you, the only embarassing thing your family has done was that thing your mum showed me with the cucumber.

I intended to write this blog about something else, with a much funnier side to it. But that desire has disappeared with the venting of my anger like the emptying of my toothpaste of love into your mother/sister/cousin (whichever you find funnier, or offends you more. I don't care)

Expect more updates soon, I've become angry again after my month of shallow indulgences and illness