Sunday, 21 September 2008

Nothing in particular

I just feel like ranting today.

I know I've not posted in a while, but due to the current climate of my life I feel enirely excused in that fact.

Right, first things first. Do you like the new Facebook? No? Really? I couldn't tell by your fucking numerous status changes to that effect. Every fucker feels the need to plaster it all over the fucking page

"***** ***** hates the new facebook!" (Name censored to protect the fucking idiotic)

I don't care. I really couldn't give two shits. Let's face it, neither could you. Because if it was that bad, you'd just stop fucking using it and you'd stop annoying the shit out of me with your pathetic whining. It's fucking facebook. Your lives revolve around it. You're not going to quit. No, you're just going to join up to about 72 million different fucking groups that are all geared towards the same thing.

Because that's going to change everything, isn't it?


Get off facebook. Maybe a mass exodus of all the fucking muppets would make them change it back. Or maybe it wouldn't. But at least I'd be rid of all the whining fucking twats.

I was writing more. But fuck it, I can't be arsed.